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How We Saved 88% Visiting Charleston’s Top Attractions   Recently updated !

Charleston Tour Pass is offered in different variations of a 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, 4-day or 5-day pass. It’s is a multi-attraction pass that grants you admission to over 30 attractions. In addition you receive a mobile pass with maps and detailed information instantly after purchase. Multi-day passes can be used on non-consecutive days which is a nice feature. After pass activation I’ll have 10-days to use my 3-days. They claim to save people time, stress and money….so we’ll put it to the test and see for ourselves.

It can only be purchased on their website and allows a differing number of featured tours (require reservations) dependent on the number of day pass you choose. For example:

Charleston tour pass featured tours

I decided to purchase a 3-day pass which sells for $138 per adult and $79 per child (as of 1/23/2019). I’ll be purchasing a 3-day pass with two adults for a total of $276. The 3-day pass comes with 4 featured tours (which require reservations via the mobile pass) and I can visit as many attractions from the “Walk-in” category as I want in those three days. Seems clear enough.

As promised, I received the mobile pass link via email and text within seconds after purchase. Upon opening the mobile pass it’s neatly organized and has tabs for the featured tours, walk-in attractions with detailed info and also a helpful map tab which helps visualize where attractions are in relation to where I’m located….very nice. (A visual of what the mobile pass looks like can be seen on the main image of this article.)

Planning my days

So I’ve decided to plan my days for efficiency and visit attractions close to downtown Charleston. We have a car but will also utilize the free hop-on/hop-off DASH Shuttle on  as well. On the mobile pass I activate my pass and quickly choose the featured tours on what days I want which was simple.

Day #1: Downtown Charleston

  • Charleston Speedboat Adventures (featured tour #1). Retail price $70 per person.
  • McLeod Plantation (walk-in attraction). Simply showed our mobile pass at the ticket counter and they checked us in. Retail price $15 per person.
  • Lunch: The Grit Counter. Show your pass to receive a $7 credit off of whatever you order.
  • Took a break back to our hotel room and then went to Waterfront Park for the views and iconic Pineapple Fountain.
  • Ghost & Graveyard Walking Tour (featured tour #2). Retail price $28 per person. Evening tour.
  • Revelry Brewing (walk-in attraction). 2 free pints with Tour Pass. A $14 per person value.

Day #1 Summary:

I realized that just by visiting the attractions from day #1 the total value of per person was a staggering $134 per person. A 1-day pass is $69 per person. We have 2 more days to go and only paid $138 per person. Only $4 till break-even.

Day #2: Downtown Charleston

  • Parking: We parked at the Visitors Center Garage located at 375 meeting street so we could take advantage of the free DASH Shuttle. You should do the same since you can get around the city and see all the sites easily. See route map.
  • Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts. Free doughnut per person with pass. Saved $2.50 per person. A short walk from Visitors Center on King Street.
  • We hopped on the shuttle and headed towards the Market area.
  • Palmetto Carriage Tour (featured tour #3). Retail price $26 per person.
  • Short walk to the Slave Mart Museum (walk-in attraction). Retail price $10 per person.
  • Short walk to The Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon (walk-in attraction). Retail price $10 per person.
  • Short walk to Nathaniel Russell House Museum (walk-in attraction). Retail price $15 per person.
  • Hopped back on the shuttle to end our day which took us back to our car at the Visitors Center.

Day #2 Summary:

Today was a fun day full of history. Since all of the museums are in close proximity to each other downtown it’s easy to hit  a lot of these. We could’ve visited many more such as the Gibbes Museum of Art, Powder Mag, SC Historical Society Museum and Confederate Museum …we decided to take it easy however. Total value of attractions from day #2 is $63.50 per person for a 2-day total value of $197.50 per person. A 2-day pass is $109/adult so if we stopped here  we would’ve saved $88.50 per person or 81% off of retail rates.  Since we bought a 3-day pass for $138 per person we’ve saved 43% off of retail rates. Not too shabby considering we have another full day to go.

Day #3: Downtown Charleston Morning & Mount Pleasant Evening

  • Park at the Visitor’s Center again, our first tour departs and returns there.
  • GrayLine City Bus Tour (featured tour #4).  Retail price $24 per person.
  • Charleston Museum (walk-in attraction). Retail price $12 per person. Located across the street from the Visitor’s Center.
  • Walked around the city visiting shops and art galleries down King Street.
  • Dinner  at Charleston Harbor Fish House (walk-in attraction). $7 off whatever you order with pass.
  • Evening: Charleston Fun Park (walk-in attraction). Retail price $20 per person.

Day #3 Summary:

This was a nice relaxing last day which allowed us to simply explore the city without having to take tours. Today the retail value was $63 per person. The combined 3-day total value of what we visited totaled $260.50 per person. Since we only paid $138 for the 3-day pass we saved $122.50 per person which is 88% off of retail ticket prices. In total we saved $122.50 x 2 adults = $245.


I highly recommend the Charleston Tour Pass. We saved a total of $122.50 per person or 88% off of retail ticket prices and to be honest we didn’t feel rushed and could’ve done more. Not only did it make visiting  Charleston enjoyable, using the pass  also relieved the stress from what we should do. The mobile pass was great and definitely helped us plan our trip more efficiently. All of the featured and walk-in attractions were top-notch. To purchase, visit their website at: