Charleston’s Own Castle

Photo/Mugdock Castle

Photo/Mugdock Castle

If you head out to Sullivan’s Island, you’ll probably see something that looks like a cross between a church and a castle. That stately building at the western end of the island is Mugdock Castle. The castle adjoins Fort Moultrie and, with Fort Sumter, stands watch at the entrance of the Charleston Harbor.

The building was constructed in the late 18th century, according to the website, as the Chapel of the Holy Cross to replace Grace Church, which was destroyed in 1863 when the Union attacked Sullivan’s Island and Charleston during the Civil War.

As the government expanded Fort Moultrie, the building was purchased for just $6,000 in 1905 and a new church was built 2 miles away. The original building was used as the Post Chapel until Fort Moultrie was deactivated in 1947. At that time, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church took over the building. In 1972, it was converted to a private home.

Mugdock Castle_aeriel

Photo/Mugdock Castle

Charleston developer Vince Graham took over the property in 2002 with plans to relocate it to his I’On development in Mount Pleasant and restore it as an Episcopal church. Due to objections by town council, he changed his mind and instead restored the property.

The castle is named for Mugdock Castle located on the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland. A Romanesque addition was added to the Sullivan’s Island castle in 2009. The two buildings that make up the castle are joined by a central stair tower and bailey.

Mugdock Castle and the surrounding grounds are available for rent. With six bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen, it makes for a unique beach house.

Let us know if you’ve ever stayed at or visited Mugdock Castle.