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Drayton Hall is an iconic piece of history and America’s oldest unrestored plantation c. 1738. An 18th century masterpiece, the house was built brick by brick during the same era of America’s slavery-filled colonial past. Drayton Hall mysteriously survived both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, catastrophic earthquakes and hurricanes and while it may have taken some heavy losses, it survived to be a witness to every moment of the United States as a nation. John Drayton began construction here in the still-new colony of Charleston in 1738 – to give a reference to where the nation was at that time – George Washington was six years old. Drayton Hall has been recognized by prestigious organizations such as Conde Nast Traveler who named it the “Best Place to See in South Carolina”. The plantation still stands to this day, rich in history and surrounded by grandeur. It is truly amazing that a piece of history like Drayton Hall survives after generations, standing as a reminder of moments both traumatic and triumphant.

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