Best Southern Food in Charleston

Famous foodie Andrew Zimmern wrote a blog for The Huffington Post about the best Southern food in the United States. Huff Post Travel called Southern cuisine “soul-warming comfort food at its best.” We couldn’t agree more. Over the last decade, Charleston has come into her own as a top dining destination, so it’s not surprising Zimmern’s list was all about Charleston.



Zimmern is a chef, Food & Wine contributor and hosts a show on the Travel Channel. He highlighted Martha Lou’s Kitchen, Chef Craig Deihl’s Cypress, Chef Sean Brock’s restaurants Husk and McCradys’, Burbage’s Grocery and Chef Mike Lata’s FIG.

Rounding out the list was Scott’s Bar-B-Que in Hemingway, S.C. (a couple of hours from Charleston), which Zimmern christened his “favorite BBQ place in America.”

We know many visitors to Charleston spend as much time deciding where to eat as they do which attractions to visit. So we want to know: When you’re visiting, where do you like to eat? Which Charleston restaurants would make your personal list of the best Southern food in the United States?