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Video of The Battery in Charleston SC – Traveler TV

Episode #1: The Battery – Traveler TV


Welcome to Traveler TV where we’ll be visiting famous landmarks and recommending fun things to do when visiting Charleston South Carolina!

In our first episode we’re at The Battery which is one of the city’s most recognizable historic landmarks. In 1670 English Colonists moved a few miles from their first settlement in the Carolinas from Charles Towne Landing, to what they then called Oyster or White Point because of the vast amount of bleached oyster shells that were there….now known as The Battery.

The Battery! It is a fortified seawall and the southern-most tip of the Charleston peninsula where the Cooper and Ashley Rivers meet to form the Charleston Harbor. Pirates, most notably Stede Bonnet, the Gentelman Pirate, and his crew were hung from the branches of the gorgeous live oaks in the 1718, as well as the hanging of Richard Worley’s pirates in 1719.

The Battery is a great place to see the historic mansions while taking in stunning views of the Charleston harbor, Fort Sumter and Castle Pinckney.

The historic Battery Park or White Point Gardens is also located here where you’ll find beautiful live oak trees, military monuments and oyster shell lined paths.